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Transformational Giving

Transformational gifts may be categorized as "big" or "major" gifts, but what distinguishes them is their unique capacity to alter the programs, perception, and future of an organization. More than gifts, they are true investments in the future of an organization and community. This phenomenon - the product of a heightened understanding by donors of the importance of philanthropy in building communities and institutions - is one of the most important milestones in the entire history of philanthropic growth in this country.

One aspect of Transformational Giving at the Gospel Center Rescue Mission (GCRM) is “Naming & Recognition Opportunities” of structures and rooms within structures as well as programs. For a current Transformational Gift example - Click here!


  1. Naming Opportunities involve the actual reference to a structure, room within a structure, or program by the name of the donor that has purchased the naming opportunity.  Examples include: "The Jones Building," "The Jones Family Conference Room," or "The Jones New Life Scholarship."
  2. Recognition Opportunities recognize the donor’s funding by a wall or ground plaque.  An example on a plaque:  "Gospel Center Rescue Mission thanks the Jones Family for the refurbishment of the Women’s Learning Center."
  3. Naming and Recognition must be approved by the GCRM Board.
  4. Naming and Recognition opportunities for structures may not correspond with the cost of the structure but what the market will bear for the exposure/visibility/prominence of the opportunity.
  5. If a structure where Naming and/or Recognition opportunity exists is destroyed due to age or other reason, GCRM will offer a list of naming opportunities of the same value for the Donor’s selection. 
  6. The irrevocable present value of a trust or annuity (tax value to the Donor) or the cash value of a fully funded life Insurance Policy can count towards a naming opportunity.
  7. In-kind credit for a direct budget or capital improvement can count at the estimated retail value of the in-kind gift.
  8. The following are few examples of projects and programs with Naming opportunities:
  • New Women’s & Children Transitional Home at $2,000,000 with 3 apartments at $250,000 each and 24 individual room Naming opportunities starting at $100,000 each. Click here for more information.
  • New Life Program Scholarships at $5,000 for a six month Scholarship for 1 Student.  Endowed Scholarship is $1,000,000. Click here for more information.
  • New Recuperative Care Center at $1,000,000 with its Healing Garden at $500,000, Recreation Room at $300,000 and individual Room naming opportunities starting at $100,000. Click here for more information.
  • New Recuperative Care Center Program can be by funding  one of the remaining 7 bed’s cost for one year at $30,000, Click here for more information 
  • New Hope Family Shelter:  Nursery, Education Center, Kitchen, Lobby/Recreation Room, 18 Bed Emergency Shelter & Director’s Office at $250,000 each and 40 rooms at $100,000 each. Click here for more informationn
  • Numerous other structures and areas or rooms within structures and programs available.  Best to contact GCRM at 209-466-2138 and request an appointment for a personalized Campus tour.