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Hope Learning Center

Women in Learning Center

Statement of Purpose

Education opens previously closed doors for every client and builds self-esteem. Many clients have the potential to learn but because of past family-dysfunction issues and the resulting self-destructive personal choices, have not been given the opportunity for a complete education.

The Learning Center strives to educate adult-learners for the purpose of supporting addiction recovery and the achievement of personal, social and employment goals.

Men in Learning Center

Nothing motivates major life changes like new opportunities for personal development and hope to realize once abandoned dreams.




How the Program Works:

Learning Center
  • Each client is tested early in their treatment program by Learning Center staff to determine their existing education level and their ability to learn.
  • Appropriate goals are set and monitored by New Life Treatment Program staff, Learning Center staff and volunteer staff.
  • In the case of those with the ability to function at the standard levels of achievement, encouragement to move to the next level is part of the mission of the staff.
  • The program is computer-based, so the client is developing basic computer skills while improving their education.
  • For those who lack a high school diploma, a GED is the goal. Learning Center material includes preparation to take the GED tests.
  • The Learning Center includes job readiness training and job search through a link to EDD.

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