Representative Payee Services

This outreach is a service designed to assist clients who receive Social Security Income (SSI) for disability and/or mental health problems to manage and budget their monthly checks. The GCRM operates the largest homeless focused non-profit Representative Payee Services program in San Joaquin County – overseeing accounts of up to six million dollars per year. Our approximately 600 SSI disability recipients need and deserve competent and sympathetic management of their funds.

Therefore, our purpose is to provide services that ensure the payment of rent, utilities and food needs first. Then we provide the recipient with funds that will provide for the purchase of their personal care items and services out of the clients remaining resources. Services are provided in a way that encourages and respects client dignity and participation in determining the use of their funds.

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How the Program Works:

  • To be eligible for SSI, a client must have received a determination of disability (insufficient mental capacity to manage their own financial affairs).
  • The client so judged is awarded a standard amount of monthly public assistance (SSI).
  • The recipient must select a payee – a responsible family member, friend or a public agency, such as the GCRM.
  • In the case of GCRM Representative Payee Program (RPP), the recipient’s monthly check is electronically deposited in a restricted account setup for the purpose of receiving and dispensing said funds.
  • RPP staff meet with the recipients to establish a budget to manage their funds. Once the budget is in place funds set aside for housing, utilities and food are distributed first. After the primary concerns are met, the recipient may have funds remaining to use for discretionary purposes. The remaining funds are budgeted for clothing and miscellaneous out of pocket expenses.
  • Recipients receive mentoring to prioritize needs with wants and to develop their money management skills.
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More Information

For those clients who are homeless and/or addicted, GCRM-RPP can be a gateway into GCRM’s New Life or Emergency Lodging Programs or simply be a legal mailing address for them.

For more information please call 209-320-2307 during business hours or email RPP here (email link).