San Joaquin County Community Plan

Many of our Gospel Center Family members asked what have we done and what we are doing regarding the Coronavirus.

The Gospel Center Rescue Mission (GCRM) has taking measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) across all GCRM homeless programs on Campus. Three factors pertaining to GCRM’s approach that must be stated up front regarding our Prevention Plan are:

  1. GCRM deals with a very unsanitary and often mentally ill population in our seven overnight shelters (COVID House – Women, COVID House – Men, Women’s/Family Shelter, Men Shelter, Women’s Recuperative Care, and Men’s Recuperative Care) Community Feeding, Clothing Plus, and Representative Payee Services programs. 
  2. Our shelters provide showers and hygiene items every evening to all guests.
  3. GCRM will, until forced to do otherwise, operate all of its Homeless services. The Gospel Center Rescue Mission is one of the Lord’s Combat Units, and we “run to the fight” (prepared as best we can) and not away from it.
    Major Wayne G. Richardson, US Army Retired 

With this in mind the following approach is current or is being put in place:

Campus Cleaning

  1. All surfaces will be wiped down with bleach solution at a ratio of 1/3 cup per gallon of water or four teaspoons per quart of water once daily upon guest departure for Men’s Lodge, and three times a day for New Hope Family Shelter, Women’s Recuperative Care area, and Men’s Recuperative Care Center.
  2. The kitchen will be wiped down three times daily with the bleach solution mentioned above.
  3. Provide a hand washing sink in the Homeless Courtyard.
  4. Hand sanitizer wall dispensers and/or pump bottles are placed throughout Campus as supplies are available.
  5. Employees and volunteers are required to wash hands throughout the day.
  6. Gloves will be used for all cleaning, and then disposed after each use.  This is in addition to normal food service operations.
  7. GCRM is ramping up its stockpile of cleaning supplies so that it is not left short in case of a run/demand for these supplies.

Volunteers and Visitors

  1. Limit or halt all outside visitors to include evening chapel providers and volunteers.
  2. Suspend volunteer recruiting initiatives.

COVID-19 Affected Individuals

  1. Refer all peoples on or near the GCRM Campus who are displaying symptoms of Coronavirus to Gleason House Clinic run by Community Medical Centers to be assessed.
  2. Working with Public Health Services, GCRM is available to recuperate in one of two Homeless Covid-19 Isolation and Recuperative Care facilities on campus.
  3. GCRM designates its six beds in our newly acquired 218 E. Sonora property to isolate any New Life Program student(s) who comes down with COVID-19, and meals will be brought to them.  
  4. Staff members who live on campus will be restricted to their lodging with meals brought to them. 
  5. Staff who live off campus and come down with COVID-19 will recuperate from their homes. 
  6. If their recovery permits staff will have laptops provided to work from their home or campus lodging. They will also have another staff assigned as their sponsor to buy any items for them that may needed during their quarantine. 
  7. Staff pay and any benefits will continue even if the employee has exceeded their sick time.


During this time of Coronavirus pandemic, please continue to support the Gospel Center financially as we look to expand our services to the homeless.