Recuperative Care Program

Recuperative Care can reduce hospital readmission by 50%*

The Homeless Recuperative Care Program offers homeless individuals a safe place to rest while completing their medical recovery after being released from hospitals throughout San Joaquin County. Gospel Center Rescue Mission (GCRM’s) Recuperative Care is the only non-profit program of its kind in San Joaquin County and a facility that provides 24-hour shelter beds for people who are too well to be in the hospital, but too sick to recuperate on the streets. The level of care provided is equivalent to what would be reasonably expected from a family member to a typical patient coming home after hospitalization.

Homelessness exacerbates health problems, complicates treatment, and disrupts the continuum of care. Challenges such as obtaining food, clothing and shelter, or achieving or maintaining sobriety can compromise adherence to medications, physician instructions, and follow-up appointments, thus increasing the probability of future hospitalizations. 

“Homeless persons are three to four times more likely to die prematurely than their housed counterparts do. These deaths are most highly associated with acute and chronic medical conditions exacerbated by life on the streets.”

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What Patients Qualify?

  • Has an identified acute illness
  • Medically stable
  • Non-contagious
  • Able to perform activities of daily living, (ADL)
  • Able to function in a group living environment that is drug and alcohol free
  • Has enough medication for at least one week
  • Is Medi-Cal enrolled or has medical referral funding support