Upcoming Projects

Campus Expansion

(500+ Beds,
1,500 Hot Meals Per Day,
& Support)

Our Campus is under renovation, and we praise God for using YOU!

Here are the projects following the William R. “Bill” Brown Building and our new Women’s Recuperative Care Center that are in some phase of construction or fundraising progress. To find out more about each project please call Kendra Kaiserman at (209) 320-2306.

Solar Panel Installation

Campus solar project to include a large solar panel carport to provide shade for cars and campus activities, such as Homecoming. A new roof on our Administration Building (445 San Joaquin Street) is included. Project funded by electrical savings and private donations.

Structure Demolition

Demolition of two on campus structures providing the footprint for a 178-bed capacity multi-purpose homeless dorm in 2024. Funding provided by the SJC and City of Stockton.

Kids Sprinkler Park

The park will occupy the dirt space next to the William “Bill” Brown Building, contains 16 spray nozzles and will provide endless fun for our-up to 100 full-time and weekender kids! Expected to be complete in 2022. Project funded by volunteer efforts and private donations.

229 Church Street

Further renovations to include a staff apartment and two ADA bathrooms on the ground floor. Project funded by a SJC Community Development Block grant.