2018 April

2018 April

GCRM April 2018 - Bernice

Supportive Centenarian

For her 100th birthday party, Bernice Harray encouraged her guests to donate to the Gospel Center Rescue Mission in lieu of gifts, just as she has done for the past 78 years.

Bernice was born and raised in Ripon and moved to Stockton in 1943. Now 101 years old, Bernice started giving to GCRM when she was in her twenties. When the Mission first opened in 1940, she recognized the name of the founders, the Van Dykens, as her fellow high school classmates. It was then that she felt called to give.

In her early life, Bernice recalls churches or families helping homeless people, since there weren’t many organizations established. She has always been known for her helping hand. “People used to say, ‘If you ever want any help just go to Bernice,’” she said.

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