2022 May

2022 May

GCRM May 2022 - I will not be fearful - Mother holding son on playground slide

“I will not be fearful.”

At eight years old, most children are enjoying school, little league and spending time with friends. For Jordan Kurtz, she was mourning the loss of her mother – the victim of domestic violence. Sent to live with her father and stepmother in Amador County, she attended junior high and high school, dropping out her senior year. As a result of her traumatic upbringing, Jordan doesn’t remember a lot of details from her childhood.

She worked jobs here and there and became involved in a nine-year, toxic relationship. Her boyfriend introduced Jordan to meth, and as her drug use continued, she became estranged from her family. Eventually, she left her boyfriend, but not her addiction to drugs, became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl. Unable to care for a child, Jordan’s sister stepped in to adopt her daughter.

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