2018 August

2018 August

GCRM August 2018 - Joletta

How God Turned Grief Into Good

Joletta Bishop faced major trauma after being shot by her ex-boyfriend at the age of 22. Then just two years ago, she felt incredible grief when she witnessed the death of another ex, who was shot and killed right before her eyes. This loss led to the worst pain, loneliness, and addiction Joletta has ever experienced.

Raised by a single mother, Joletta had a good childhood. But she fell into alcoholism as a teenager after making poor decisions and becoming pregnant. Joletta has had seven children since then, all of whom she has cared for in the midst of her addiction.

Joletta always had a home, but she began hoarding, making it an unsafe environment for her children. Though she was never homeless, she often chose to live “under the bridge” to avoid the police, who would take her children if she stayed there.

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