2021 July

2021 July

GCRM July 2021 - Ranger

Homeless Stranger to Sergeant Ranger

“I was so scared, just running, and running and running, trying to find my way home. Alone and lost in a big city with nowhere to turn, I was suffering greatly from starvation and violence with no relief in sight. Then one day, one very special day, everything changed…

Hi, I’m Sargent Ranger! I am a strong and healthy dog, and for the past several years I have been the guard dog, the protector if you will, of The Mission. Here is the journey that brought me to this wonderful place.

I was running down a very, busy freeway (I think you humans call it, Interstate 5), and there were cars and very large semi-trucks racing past me. I was so scared – trying to dodge cars and find a way to get off that freeway. Suddenly, a car stopped, and a lady called out to me. I couldn’t believe it! Someone was actually rescuing me. I hopped into her car, and off we went. Whew! Safe at last with my new friend.

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