2019 November

2019 November

GCRM November 2019 - Bobby

Giving Thanks with a Grateful Heart

With his drug use beginning as a young student in junior high, the dysfunction and abuse within his family drove him to go out on his own following graduation from high school. Hardworking and strong, Bobby Smith worked as a roofer during the warm months, and spent his winters as a bartender so he could drink as much as he wanted for free. Heavily into methamphetamines and other drugs, Bobby was creating his own life of addiction and homelessness.

Bobby married a woman with three children, and they eventually became parents of their own. Still drinking and using, Bobby did his best to care for his family. When his young son, who had been born with disabilities died, Bobby felt a responsibility to be strong for the family. However, within a few short months he turned back to drugs and alcohol where he found his solace and comfort. He was so very angry with life with God that his marriage fell apart and he once again became homeless.

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