2020 October

2020 October

GCRM Oct 2020 - Kirbie

Looking Towards the Future

As she was graduating from high school, a tragic accident began the downward spiral into drugs and alcohol for Kirbie Davis. “I was in a very bad car accident that took the life of my boyfriend. I should have died myself,” Kirbie Davis shared. “Unfortunately, I didn’t take time to deal with the tragedy and tried to keep moving on with life.”

That life changing event soon turned to anger and depression. Without allowing healing to occur and trying to move forward too quickly proved to be one of the greatest struggles Kirbie would face. After completing her high school and community college education, Kirbie was accepted and enrolled at Chico State. Still dealing with depression, she became a recreational drug user. The depression and physical pain from the accident led her to prescription drugs like Xanax and other pain medication. Due to Kirbie’s drug use, her world view was obscured and obstructed by a constant “fog”. As Kirbie’s addiction escalated, her life choices fostered a growing life full of insecurities and doubt.

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