2019 May

2019 May

GCRM May 2019 - Milton and Naomi

In Sickness and in Health

22 years after they met, Milton and Naomi Sells got married at the Gospel Center Rescue Mission – the place that restored their family.

Milton and Naomi met in 1997 while doing drugs on the streets. They have stayed together throughout their journey towards sobriety. Their drug addictions left them homeless for much of their early relationship. In 2000 they had a daughter, who passed away at just six weeks old. That’s when the drug use spiraled out of control.

While Milton was in and out of prison multiple times, Naomi continued doing drugs and had a son in 2003. “I wasn’t adequate to be a mom,” she said. Their son moved to Louisiana with Milton’s mother to ensure he would be cared for properly.

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