2019 July

2019 July

GCRM July 2019 - Jesus

The Mission is a Family: Jesus Guerrero

Throughout his twenty-year relationship with alcohol, drugs and living on the streets, God gave Jesús Guerrero many chances to reach out to Him. Jesús knew God when he was ‘a little guy’, but as he grew older he preferred seeking out the fun life. His new friend and god became the drugs crack, alcohol and methamphetamine. As the years wore on, Jesús was in and out of rehab, one of which was a facility in the same neighborhood as the Gospel Center Rescue Mission.

Jesús would walk to and from the rehabilitation center to the Gleason House Clinic. He would pass by the Mission wondering what was different behind those gates. He was working Monday through Saturday at a neighborhood rehab facility for no pay, had little money, and continued to watch as his life spiraled out of control. He became even more angry as his frustration grew. Eventually, he relocated to another facility in Oakland and fell back into using drugs. The cycle continued as did Jesús’ outlook on life.

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