2019 March

2019 March

GCRM March 2019 - Deanna

Attitude of Gratitude

When you talk to Deanna Carpenter, it’s evident that she radiates gratefulness. After living a privileged childhood, Deanna got involved with the wrong crowd, became a drug addict, and ended up at the Gospel Center Rescue Mission. The beginning of her life was nothing like her life now, but Deanna is grateful for the opportunities she has been given.

Deanna was raised by amazing parents who gave her a wonderful childhood. She had never drank or used drugs and was taught important values. However, when she became pregnant at 16, she had to learn to take care of herself. She married her daughter’s father right after graduating high school and immediately had another daughter with him. Her marriage ended shortly after, but her husband took their kids almost full-time. This made Deanna very depressed and she began hanging out with the wrong people.

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