2018 September

2018 September

GCRM September 2018 - Tiffany

Light Out of Darkness

Tiffany Steenburg’s life looked great from the outside, but her reality was far from ideal. She was married, had a job, drove a nice car, and raised four children, but she was hurting on the inside.

Her addiction took her through many low points, but it wasn’t until she was left on the streets that she saw the light.

Growing up in a family of alcoholics, Tiffany always had access to alcohol. She was 13 when she started drinking. Her life spiraled from then on.

Tiffany got pregnant at 16 and moved out with her boyfriend until the age of 18. She then met her ex-husband at 21 and was married for 14 years. During this time she had three more children. Tiffany and her ex were functioning alcoholics who established a life together – they had a house, they worked full-time, and their kids were straight A students.

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