2019 February

2019 February

GCRM February 2019 - Andrea

From Being Homeless to Serving the Homeless

Andrea Mountjoy went from being homeless and addicted to working directly with the homeless and addicted. Her story shows how God turns despair into prosperity, and she continues to live out her testimony at the Gospel Center Rescue Mission.

Andrea grew up with divorced parents, including an uninvolved father and an abusive mother. She and her siblings were often in the care of a babysitter who had sons. She was frequently molested during this time. Her childhood made her feel unworthy and unloved.

Because of these incidences, Andrea started getting involved with prostitution at a young age. She got into an abusive relationship and had her first child at the age of 17. She has had six children – all from abusive relationships. She was introduced to drugs at 18 to keep up with her busy life of raising children, going to school, and working.

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