2019 April

2019 April

GCRM April 2019 - Carrie

An Unexpected Path to Success

Carrie Williams never expected to end up at the Gospel Center Rescue Mission (GCRM), let alone hold an esteemed position there, but the Lord used her past to shape her future.

Carrie has been involved with the Mission since 2012, when she first came as an Emergency Lodging overnight guest. Through the years she has been at the Mission as a guest, student, volunteer, and employee. She is currently the New Hope Family Shelter Director.

Growing up, Carrie and her sister dealt with a dysfunctional mother by staying away from the house as much as possible. They would find places to hide or go to friends’ houses in order to avoid the chaos within her family. With this kind of childhood, Carrie’s only goal was to graduate high school.

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